This is our annual charity event. Each year we donate all the proceeds from registrations to a local charitable organization. This is the perfect event for the Gillette community to come together and do something fun. What better way than a color run? Where you can show your true colors. We will team up with Main Street every year that we can to come up with a schedule that works with Main Street & us. To provide all day activities after the run.

color 4.jpg

Flying colors

The colors start flying early in the morning. We have 6 color stations spread throughout the 5K distance. Each station is a huge cloud of fun. Wear white and prepare to be bright!

color stations

Our color stations consist of Orange, Green, Blue, Yellow, Pink & Purple. We use certified non-toxic free of any heavy metals mixture. Our bright colors are a mix of cornstarch, baking soda and FD&C dyes. We do recommend eye protection & towels for your vehicle seats after the run. We do have an air hose at the finish line to give everyone a quick dust off.

color 5.jpg

color dousers

Our color dousers are amazing and we couldn’t do this without them. They are super energetic & know not to aim at your faces. however it is a complete cloud of color fun. They always seem to wear the most color! Never sure who has more fun.

Rather your a runner or a volunteer,

This is an event you will not want to miss.

color 1.jpg
color 2.jpg


This event is for all ages. This is a fun run for all. We provide shirts in registration, however shirt orders go in 2 weeks before the event. So you must register early to get a shirt! This event is a lot of fun for all. So no matter your age or athletic abilities come on out for our cause. You won’t be disappointed.


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